The 25th CEEMAN Annual Conference will take place from 20-22 September in Hangzhou, China, hosted by School of Management, Zhejiang University. Hangzhou, known as the Silicon valley in paradise, is the epicenter of China’s tech industry and important center of economic development and education. There are about 140 high-speed trains daily from Hangzhou to Shanghai, the largest city in China and a renowned international metropolis. The journey with the high-speed train to Shanghai takes about 45 minutes, while the journey to Beijing lasts for about 6 hours.


CEEMAN Annual Conference is the most important annual event of CEEMAN – the International Management Development Association for Dynamic Societies. In the past years, CEEMAN has been strengthening its links with China, and organizing CEEMAN Annual Conference for the first time in China is an important step to facilitate cooperation within Belt and Road Initiative.

The conference topic is Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economies, will provide an opportunity to discuss latest trends, key issues, opportunities and challenges in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovations, and sustainability and see how business/management education can better support these processes to foster more effective entrepreneurship development around the world.

Besides keynote addresses, presentations and highly interactive roundtables with speakers and participants, the conference will include company visits and meetings with entrepreneurs in Hangzhou in order to understand different stakeholders’ perspectives, the latest trends in innovations, and related entrepreneurship development needs. 

Several side events will also take place, including a number of pre-conference sessions, exhibition opportunities for publishers and partners, individual Dean2Dean advisory meetings, CEEMAN’s IQA-International Quality Accreditation session, CEEMAN Annual Meeting, and CEEMAN Awards Ceremony.


Faculty and researchers are invited to showcase their work (teaching case studies, research, teaching tools & techniques, and other experience) at a poster session related to the overall theme of the 25th CEEMAN Annual Conference: “Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economies” on Wednesday, 20 September.

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